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Do you wish you could eat out more often? Well, we’ve discovered the best cheap eats in Melbourne and tested them ourselves. Go forth, get fat.

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Classic Cheeseburger & Fries

From Lounge Bar & Kitchen

The crew at Lounge have recently upped their burger game; head in between 12pm to 3pm on a weekday to pick up this classic cheeseburger and fries for just $11.50. The buns are made in-house and the black Angus beef patty is aged for at least 21 days. An incredible burger for fantastic value.

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Chicken Curry Don

From Don Don

In the heart of the CBD is a Japanese joint that produces fantastic curry don dishes for less than $8. For years, Don Don has been a hot spot for students and workers on their lunch break, and it’s clear why when you’re served a piping hot bowl in under 30 seconds. Make sure to bring cash – there’s no eftpos – and avoid lunch time if you don’t want a little wait.

198 Little Lonsdale St, CBD
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Main Meal & Coffee

From Tom Phat

Pay a visit to Tom Phat during the week to enjoy a main meal and coffee for $15. It’s a little Thai gem in the heart of Brunswick that also sports a fantastic happy hour.

© The Melbourne Cheapskate

$1 Oysters

From Rochester Hotel

A buck doesn’t buy much anymore, except for an oyster at The Rochester Hotel every Monday. Call around during happy hour and you’ll also find house wine for just $5.

© The Melbourne Cheapskate

Polish Hotdog & Pot

From Ferdydurke

Head up the unassuming stairs on Tattersalls lane and you’ll find Ferdydurke, a cosy bar serving up a variety of different Polish hotdogs. Visit at the right time and score one, along with a pot of beer, for just $10.

© The Melbourne Cheapskate

Any Pasta

From Twirled Pasta Bar

Head down to Twirled Pasta Bar for a bowl of house-made pasta for just $12. It’s available during their weekday special and you can choose anything from their main menu.

© The Melbourne Cheapskate

$9.90 Pad Thai

From Bangpop

Inside a trendy warehouse space on the edge of The Yarra is Bangpop. Visit on a Tuesday to score yourself some $9.90 pad thai. Choose from chicken, vegetarian or prawn.

© The Melbourne Cheapskate

$1 Fried Chicken Ribs

From Changz Canteen

Looking for a reason to skip church? Every Sunday Changz Canteen offers $1 fried chicken ribs. These guys also specialise in hot sauce if you’re looking for that extra kick.

© The Melbourne Cheapskate

$10 Parma Night

From Pacinos Restaurant

Pacinos Family Restaurant celebrate Monday with their $10 international parma special. Choose from over 10 different parma toppings served alongside chips and salad. You’ll stay in Flemington all night, but your taste buds will get their own holiday.

© The Melbourne Cheapskate

$1 Dumplings

From Maeve Fox

There’s only a couple of things in Melbourne one dollar will buy you, and dumplings at Maeve Fox is one of them. Head along to this slick bar on a Thursday night for $1 dumplings and spring rolls.

© The Melbourne Cheapskate

The Meataxe

From Burgerlove

Not only does Burgerlove make some of the cheapest burgers in Melbourne, they also make some of the best. The Meataxe is our favourite, coming in at a more than reasonable price of $14. They also serve glorious poutine, donuts and milkshakes. If these guys don’t blow you away, nothing will.

© The Melbourne Cheapskate

$1 Pizza

From 29th Apartment

You wouldn’t think you’d get much for $1, but every Wednesday down at 29th Apartment, they’ll give you a whole pizza.. Granted, to be eligible you’ll need to buy a $5 drink during happy hour. Still, that’s a very solid meal for only $6.

© The Melbourne Cheapskate

$15 Express Lunch

From Wharf Hotel

Tucked away at the lower end of Spencer Street is The Wharf Hotel, home to a great lunch time special.. Visit on a weekday to score yourself one of their ever changing meals accompanied by either a wine or beer. Sit back and enjoy the wonderful view of The Yarra.

© The Melbourne Cheapskate

$15 Parma, Chips & Salad

From Stone Hotel

The parma is a staple pub meal, and The Stone Hotel serves them for just $15 every Wednesday. Pair that with one of their $7 happy hour pints, and your hump day just got a whole better.

© The Melbourne Cheapskate

Burger, Chips & Pint

From Provincial Hotel

Swing by The Provincial Hotel any day of the week to enjoy a burger, chips and a pint of Little Creatures for $20.

© The Melbourne Cheapskate

$20 All You Can Eat Fried Chicken

From Chicken 'N' Beer

We don’t like limits, and neither do the team at Chicken ‘n’ Beer. Call around on a Sunday for unlimited ribs, wings & delights for just $20. Pair this with a 3l beer tower and that’s a fantastic Sunday session.

© The Melbourne Cheapskate

Parma, Chips & Salad

From Richmond Club Hotel

One of Melbourne’s most versatile venues, The Richmond Club Hotel offers $16 parmas every Wednesday. Order one, and head up to their incredible rooftop to enjoy the view.

© The Melbourne Cheapskate

Any Pizza

From Romulus & Remus

You don’t have to eat with the dogs on a Monday night when you can grab a pizza from Romulus & Remus for just $15. Time it right, and visit during happy hour for a well rounded meal.

© The Melbourne Cheapskate

$5 Beef Burger

From Mr Scruff's

One of Melbourne’s best specials happens every Wednesday at Mr Scruff’s, where you’ll be able to score anything off their main menu for half price. This makes the burgers and nachos both $5, along with plenty of other greasy gems for mere pocket change. Careful, it gets packed.

© The Melbourne Cheapskate

$8 Philly Cheesesteak

From Sparrow's Philly Cheesesteaks

If there’s one love that will eventually unite all nations, it’s the love of cheese. Add in some meat and bread and you have the best peacemaker mankind has ever seen. This is called a Philly Cheesesteak, and Sparrow’s serve them for $8 every Monday evening. Throw in an extra $2 for chips.

© The Melbourne Cheapskate

$10 Beef Burger and Beer

From Royal Mail Hotel

This is one of the juiciest burgers we’ve ever had the pleasure of destroying. It features a 300g  wagyu beef pattie, topped with cheese and served between a house made bun. Grab it for $10 (with a beer) every Thursday night at The Royal Mail.

© The Melbourne Cheapskate

300gm Scotch Fillet & Wine

From Meat Market

Have a penchant for fine dining? Visit Meat Market on a Monday to feast on a 300gm scotch fillet, accompanied by 375ml of wine, for $39. They even throw in a beautiful view of The Yarra for free.

© The Melbourne Cheapskate

$3 Taco Tuesday

From Beach Burrito

Tuesday is the international day of tacos, and Beach Burrito celebrates it by offering them for just $3. There’s a massive range and you can enjoy them whilst sitting next to their indoor skatebowl. That’s Fitzroy for you.

© The Melbourne Cheapskate

$8.50 Fried Chicken Burger

From Father's Office

Life’s most magical moments happen late at night, and that’s certainly the case at Father’s Office. Once the clock strikes 11, everything on their a la carte menu is half price. There are nachos, fried chicken, steak and dessert. Personally, we love the fried chicken burger with fries for $8.50.

© The Melbourne Cheapskate

$2 Taco Tuesday

From The Dan O'Connell

Every Tuesday, the Dan O’Connell serves up $2 tacos, making them Melbourne’s cheapest. That said, they are filled with beans, but still super tasty. Chicken tacos are available for $3 (still a bargain.)

225 Canning St, Carlton VIC 3053
© The Melbourne Cheapskate

$15 Burger Combo

From Beer and Burger Bar

If you’re looking for a well rounded meal, then the Beer and Burger Bar is your joint. Grab a burger, beer and chips for $15 during their lunch time special. We’re not sure if it covers all of the food groups, but you’ll walk out full none-the-less.

© The Melbourne Cheapskate

$12 Parma Night

From Mollie's Bar and Diner

Overlooking Smith St, Parma night at Mollie’s will have you kicking back with a beautiful bird and chips for just $12. It’s best enjoyed on their terrace surrounded by ferns and a few lime trees.

© The Melbourne Cheapskate

$12 Fried Chicken Basket

From Howler

We like good looking legs, especially if they’re made of chicken. Every Monday, Howler offers their fried chicken basket for $12 along with either a beer or cider. It’s an awesome Brunswick hideaway, perfect for putting your feet up (expect maybe if you’re poultry.)

© The Melbourne Cheapskate

$12 Chicken Burger and Fries

From Asian Beer Cafe

It’s only fitting that this student mecca offers cheap burgers. Throughout the week Asian Beer Cafe offers burgers and fries for just $12. Their booze is also incredibly great value.

© The Melbourne Cheapskate

$22 All You Can Eat Chicken

From Father's Office

There’s only one way to test how much you truly love fried chicken, and that’s to see how much you can eat in one sitting. On Wednesday night, Father’s Office offers all you can eat wings for $22 along with a bonus schooner of beer or cider. Is there anything more romantic?

© The Melbourne Cheapskate

$4 Pizza

From Lucky Coq

The Lucky Coq is a cheap eats institution. Smack bang in the middle of Chapel St, they serve $4 pizza and toasties every day. Grab one (or three) and make your way up to their rooftop to catch some rays.

© The Melbourne Cheapskate

$12 Parma

From Honey Bar

There’s nothing sweeter than the parma deal from The Honey Bar. It’s $15 every Tuesday, and comes with chips, salad and a drink, making it one of the best parma deals around.

© The Melbourne Cheapskate

$6 Pizza

From El Coco

In the Cuban hideaway that is El Coco, they serve up $6 pizzas every single day. Choose from margarita, mediterranean, chicken, lamb and veggie. There’s also free table tennis for a friendly match afterwards.

© The Melbourne Cheapskate

$5 Nachos

From Mr Scruff's

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, Mr Scruff’s on a Wednesday night is the place to be. All the food is half price, and you can grab these nachos for just $5. Just look at that guac!

© The Melbourne Cheapskate

$15 Lunch Combo

From Po' Boy Quarter

Head down to Po’ Boy Quarter for an earful of New Orleans tunes and a stomachful of fried chicken and fries. Every weekday you can grab one of their lunch boxes for $15. And yes, that is a mac & cheese croquette.

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